Confidence : Become confident

Grounded confidence will be the foundation of your success story. At some stage, you will have been told something significant by another person.  It may have been true or untrue:  yet you chose to believe it.

These statements come from parents, teachers, peers – or strangers who know little or nothing about you.

Learn to accept the helpful comments only. 

During your Consultation

Jenny may help you choose from: a professional confidence builder; a well-being specialist (Julie Lambert); an interview or performance coach; a specialised hypnotherapist; and a not-for-profit organisation that will ensure your performance skills are honed to perfection.  You will also have a whole new circle of great people in your life.  

Toastmasters International (the not for profit organisation) has, over the last 80 years, improved the confidence of many thousands of people through its proven methods and close camraderie.

Other specialists

Jenny also uses voice coaches and relationship coaches for specific issues. Genuine confidence is achieved once the signficant aspects (old skeletons?) of a person’s life have been addressed.

Confidence based on unstable foundations, can be dangerous.  You can be sure that you will find the right person to help you, with proven skills and expert knowledge, by contacting ImageCounts.

ImageCounts’ Professionals 

Please call Jenny on 020 7407 6764, or send an email to [email protected] to arrange a consultation.

Jenny does not work at weekends, but can suggest consultants who do, if that is your only option.

• People who build confidence professionally, like Ariana Gee, Carol Slesser and Helen Roome
• A good personal shopper is essential – choose one
• A FREE mentor and a forum to practice in
• A good cosmetic dentist will go a long way – Jenny has favourites. Dr Philip Stemmer