Personal Shoppers

Personal Shoppers

Style is aboat getting the look just right.  This sometimes may make others wish that they had tried harder, or perhaps, that they had not tried quite so hard.  Jenny Cutler – 1999

Choosing a personal shopper from a list of unknowns can be risky. You will want to enjoy the day, learn about which styles suit you and, of course that you keep within your budget. 

Jenny has selected 4 of the very best consultants in London to guide her clients through this difficult task. 

Many clients dread shopping.  But, once they have spent time with one of these consultants – they suddently ‘get it’ and start planning the next trip. 

Andrea, Toshiko and Natasha are all consultants. with distinct skills and knowledge – true professionals who want to have fun with clients whilst doing some serious work.  People learn best when enjoying themselves.

Let Jenny direct you to the right person. 020 7407 6764.

Andrea – comes from the world of Italian Design loves a real challenge. She will visit clients’ homes for wardrobe sorting, prior to a shopping spree. She is great with men.

‘Andrea is brilliant and very, very nice. Her eye for clothing is just outstanding. I now understand why you (Jenny) stressed so much I had to do it. It has was an incredible, personal ‘re-discovery’. Definitely worth coming over from Cyprus for.’

Carlos Demetris – Cyprus, Accountancy Lecturer

Coming to see you and then Andrea was one of the best things I have done – feeling much more inspired and actually finding time to sort myself out – slowly but surely.’

Caroline Hartley –  Swiss Cottage, HR

Virginie – simply has to be the most effortlessly stylish French woman you will ever meet.  Her all-consuming passion is in helping people to buy the clothes that will make them look and feel great – no matter what the budget is.  She loves shopping with both men and women and her preferred areas are Chelsea and Nottinghill.

Virginie really has an eye. She picked up clothes I would never have tried and yet, they looked great on me. She was wonderful company as well.’

Isabelle – MD of a large company

Toshiko – Toshiko is a very stylish Japanese-American. Her forte is in creating a ‘dress style’ for clients who are prepared to pay for it – which means ‘being clever’ and seeking out unusual shops. A former City Banker, Toshiko is also a consultant trainer. She works between Tokyo and London.

Toshiko is ImageCounts’ recommended Training provider for image consultants. More details.

The highlight of my year was an exhilarating day with Toshiko – a present from my husband. Toshiko has amazing taste and took me to hidden way boutiques that I would never found on my own.’

Carmen – Cricklewood, banker

‘Toshiko, I recently had lunch with a friend – wearing the clothes you persuaded me to buy – and she was so stunned, she wanted to know what had happened! Thank you for helping me become confident enough to buy the clothes in the first place.’

Elaine Gibbs – Kensington, IT consultant

Natasha – Natasha is a stylish chartered accountant during the week and indulges her skills and passion for shopping at the weekends (and occasionally during the late afternoon).  Selfridges area by choice.

Natasha adores being challenged by a budget, although, given the chance she loves helping people buy really wonderful clothes too – ones that add impact, yet are practical and easy to wear effortlessly. 

My time with Natasha was most enjoyable and educational. As well as helping me choose clothes, she gave me advice about future purchases. I have received many positive comments about my new clothes – a great new experience for me.’

Danny C, Oval, surveyor

‘Natasha was able to quickly and skilfully select styles that suited me. Many people have since commented that I am stylishly dressed and this has enabled me to improve my image on both a professional and a social level. What’s more, I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Natasha and learned a great deal about style from her.’ Kamal Patel,  Lewisham, IT developer

Please call Jenny on 020 7407 6764, or send an email to [email protected] to discover the perfect shopper for you or to arrange a consultation with Jenny first.   Jenny does not work at weekends, but can suggest consultants who do, if that is your only option

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Jenny Cutler has written an e-publication to help would-be personal shoppers progress their careers.  Read the guide before you decide on your strategy and training. You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out.

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