Personal Consultation

Image Consultation : Personal Sessions

This is a concentrated 3-hour session, alone with Jenny. During this period she will identify what you most need to work on, and how precisely to progress and achieve your specific objectives.

A few days later, you will receive a written profile summarising the consultation. It will include the following information.

Personal profile / pack

Jenny completes the consultation with a pack of information specifically tailored to your requirements.

• your personal assets identified
• your top 4 brand words with ideas on how to strenghten their messages
• a synopsis of the concept of your colouring, notes on your wardrobe styling and your grooming
• ImageCounts briefs (in addition to the free ones)
• a list of a reas to work on with practical suggestions
• further details of professionals, books, courses
a call to action in a new and challenging area

Follow-up session

Included in the £375 fee is an optional 45 minute consultation, 6 months later.


• 3 hour session – £375 – includes written profile & optional 45-minute follow-up consultation.
• 2 hour session (dating or image) – £275– email report follows.
• 1.5 hour session – £200 – (for interviews) – email report follows.
• 30 minute exploratory session- £50. This fee is set against the £375 session, should you go ahead.
Finders Fee

A cheque for £50 will be sent to any client who successfully recommends the full service.

Some FREE, but extremely valuable, advice in PDF format is downloadable here.


The above work takes Jenny up to a further 2 hours and includes a photograph of your colours and your face with comments about how to achieve a better photo for career and social purposes.

Appointment Times

1000 – 1300, 1400 – 1700, 1500 – 1800, 1600 – 1900.

To make an appointment, please call Jenny on the number above or email [email protected] to arrange a consultation.

Weekend consultations

Weekend or late evening options are with other consultants. Jenny is fully booked on Mondays and Fridays, with rare exceptions.

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