Voice Training

Voice Training / Voice coaching

Your voice is often the first and most lasting impression you give out.  It is a key component of a great image.

Does your voice do you justice?

After hearing your voice on the phone and talking about your expectations, Jenny may suggest the best voice trainer for you – if you need one –  or she may suggest other options you have not even considered.

Judy Apps – ‘Strong Voices paint pictures’

Judy has been with Jenny Cutler since 1999 and has helped numerous clients strengthen and enhance their voices. Some people require the work for social reasons – others for broadcasting; telephone work; giving presentations or just being heard in a crowd.

Judy Apps also offers telephone coaching – saving on travelling time.  If you like the social side and want to cut the cost, consider attending a workshop.  News Page

Judy’s background is opera singing.  A Master of NLP, Judy is a full-time voice and inspirational leadership coach. Dorking, company premises / hired rooms.

Anthony Wade ‘Your voice is the echo of who you are.  It is the soundtrack of your life.’  

Anthony works in a BBC sound recording studio. This is an opportunity too good to miss.  Strike whilst you can.

He will allow you to listen to your voice and practice your new voice skills. You will take a CD of your voice home with you to enable you to practice until your new voice has become an intrinsic part of you. 

You may want to attract women or influence a hall full of people.  Anthony helps people achieve their dreams.

Please call Jenny on 020 7407 6764, or send an email to [email protected] to arrange a consultation.

Jenny does not work at weekends, but can suggest consultants who do, if that is your only option.